Meet Our Artists

Boogie Long

Straight From the Bayou. Guitar Center King of the blues 2011.

Jonathon 'Boogie' Long hails from Baton Rouge and at 29 years old, he has established himself regionally in an area rich with blues legacy tracing to Buddy Guy, Kenny Neal, Tabby Thomas, Lightnin’ Slim and others. Yet, Long doesn’t try to emulate any one of them.

It was at 14 years old Jonathon’s passion for the music is what convinced his parents to take a leap of faith when their 14-year-old son approached them with his plans. The Longs signed over partial custody of their son to Blues Musician Henry Turner, allowing him to play out-of-state gigs where the presence of a legal guardian was required. A working musician before he was old enough to hold a learner’s permit, Long has been growing his fan base non-stop. Playing festivals the world over, including his yearly spot at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival has honed his skills to a razor’s edge.

“His evolution from gospel to blues to the whole spectrum of Southern-inspired music is a delight to experience.”

“He is the ringmaster, trapeze artist and human cannonball of a live blues-rock circus”

Claudia Hoyser

Claudia Hoyser, is an American country music singer, songwriter and social influencer.

She has recently supported Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton, Brantley Gilbert, Ryan Bingham, Whiskey Myers and Mitchell Tenpenny. 2022 is bringing on shows with Toby Keith, Clay Walker, Randy Houser, Chris Young, LOCASH, Jessie James Decker, Chase Rice, Brad Paisley and more!

Her songs have been featured in international movies, national advertising campaigns and have charted consecutively on the Music Row Breakout Charts - all prior to any album release. With over 120 million organic streams on Facebook alone, Claudia’s fingerprint voice and musical palette evokes nostalgic feelings through the gift of modern story or can bring on some dusty edge with her sultry country soul.

Wielding a true DIY spirit, Claudia has been woodshedding in the studio for the last four years writing over 200 songs and carving out her sound. Now, she is very excited to announce the release of her debut full-length album “Red Light’s Turning Green.”

“ I chose the more difficult path knowing it would make me stronger.”

Erin Coburn

Cincinnati Native and perpetual misfit, Erin Coburn is known for her prolific songwriting and modern approach to American Rock and Roll.

Her relatable lyrics and soul gripping vocals are a striking compliment to scorching guitar solos and infectious riffs. She is unafraid to be authentically herself, always delivering an unforgettable, high energy performance that leaves people wanting more. As Erin always says, “expect the unexpected!”

A wide range of artists and genres have inspired Erin throughout her musical journey. Everyone from BB King, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and the Rolling Stones to Alice In Chains, Arctic Monkeys, and Nothing But Thieves. You can hear these influences lightly woven throughout her repertoire of songs. While she brings the sounds of modern Rock front and center, Erin never forgets her heavily Blues and Classic Rock influenced past. Fans of Royal Blood, Black Keys, Gary Clark, Jr and White Stripes will thoroughly appreciate Erin’s music.

Writing songs since a young age, Erin released her debut album, ‘Chaos Before Conformity’ (2015) at 14. Her lyrical output focuses on the theme of not fitting in with societal norms - being a misfit. With the release of her second and third albums, ‘Queen of Nothing’ (2017) and ‘Out from Under’ (2019), her fanbase has grown both nationally and worldwide. With her latest single releases, ‘Flip’ (May 2021) and ‘The MiSFIT’ (July 2020) her natural progression to a more mature sound with edgier lyrics, searing guitar solos, and a dash of humor are on full display.

Not only is Erin a talented vocalist, lyricist, and multi-instrumentalist, but she is a proudly endorsed artist for Strandberg Guitars, Bad Cat Amps, DR Strings, Westone Audio and Gravity Picks. Be sure to follow on all her social media and join her official mailing list to remain updated on the talented Erin Coburn!


Hailing from Rochester NY, Dr.Jeckyl is an original band which has been together since 1979.

Back in 79’ we were called Rage, which lasted 2 years. Then, 39 years later we all got back together and the band was called, Rage 5.0. The band then went through a lot of changes and decided to work on an album under a new name, which is now Dr.Jeckyl. We are all set and ready for this and will continue to move forward. Look out everyone we are here to kick some ass with Rock-n-Heavy Metal.

Monkey In A Bottle

Monkey In A Bottle, is a nearly 2 decade long musical journey, which is still unfolding.

Their inventive covers of classic rock & blues gems are born of jam-band feel and collective improvisation. They have recently gained notoriety for their ‘monkified’ mash-ups and large blocks of music which sway seamlessly between songs and styles. You may hear a catchy original dotted with an electric version of one of your favorites, or an extended jam dance break in the middle of a mash-up so effortless, you’ll forget you’re listening to 2 or 3 different songs at once! Don’t miss this fun, relaxed and musically creative experience!

Remedy Three

Remedy Three, is an original rock band with honest and vulnerable lyrics, with a bit of grit and a whole lot of hope.

Music that speaks of our challenges, our pain, our fears, our questions, our doubt, our love, our faith, our hope and the beautiful mystery.